How to Write an Introduction for an Essay


How to Write an Introduction for an Essay

Unbelievable as it may seem, some writers find it the hardest to write an introduction. This is because it is what will indicate the direction of the essay. It was designed to grab the readers’ attention and interest. It is the determining factor whether or not the reader will continue reading your essay. Hence, it has to be written in the most striking and exceptional way. Here are some guidelines written by Essay Basics, that can help you slam that introduction:

Start with something that would grab attention.

When you’re writing this part, think of something that has never been used or written before, or at least, something that is not common. You can start with a quote from your favourite icon, or a dialogue or two from your most favourite personality or TV series. You can also write about some unverified facts of history, or talk about something that most people do not know, such as an anecdote or a story illustrating some point, which is actually relevant to your topic.

Explain the importance of the “attention” impact to your thesis statement.

Of course, the attention that you sought to grab should have a connection with your thesis statement and the arguments that you would later point out. Thus, there has to be a brief explanation of the relevance of your opening statement to the topic at hand. You also have to make a smooth transition. Do not jump into your thesis statement without even explaining why the first few statements are relevant.

Finish the introduction with your thesis statement.

Finally, after writing about your introductory remarks, you now have to state your thesis or the main stand of the essay on the topic. This is the part where your reader is supposed to see the point of the introductory story or quote, and the point of the entire essay as well. You can also include some or all of your argument,s but do not explain them yet.

You now have your introduction! As stated above, introductions are crucial and critical. They are somewhat the most important part of the essay in terms of audience impact and influence. Follow these guidelines and you will surely find your way to writing a good introduction.